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Please click here to vote for August's AU week!


With July’s AU week wrapped up, we’ve got another in the works! Please take the time to vote—shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You’re welcome to vote once for every character you have (and even if you’re not writing with us, we’d love your input)! Voting ends July 31!

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Activity Watch


The following characters are on activity watch:

If these characters remain inactive for the next 72 hours, they will be reopened (in the case of canon characters) or retired (in the case of original characters). Please post by 2:00am EST on Friday, or these roles will be reopened or terminated.

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Activity Watch

The following characters are on activity watch:

If these characters remain inactive for the next 72 hours, they will be reopened (in the case of canon characters) or retired (in the case of original characters). Please post by 2:00am EST on Friday, or these roles will be reopened or terminated.

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Please follow Fenrir Greyback!

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Please follow Isabella Rosier!

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Name: Arista Selwyn
Age: 18 Occupation: Bartender

“We all grew up too fast—we’ve earned the right to be kids once in a while.”

Arista Selwyn Arista Selwyn was born after the First Wizarding War had come to an end. She grew up comfortable, close to both her older brother and sister. Because she was the youngest, she was never a contender for the Selwyn inheritance, and so the conflict surrounding Lyra and Altair never much touched her life. She instead largely ignored her parents and their constant discussion of wealth; it never much mattered to her what happened to the Selwyn name or fortune. As far as Arista was concerned, the only thing that mattered was keeping close to her siblings, especially with their father in prison and their mothers so intent on pitting them against one another.

Attending Hogwarts gave Arista the chance to step away from her family’s history as much as she could. With Altair’s charm and Lyra’s protective nature, the school was surprisingly safe for the daughter of a Death Eater; Arista thrived, taking advantage of the adventure she found in Hogwarts and devouring anything and everything that promised excitement. There was rarely a challenge that Arista turned down, and she was popular within her House and her year, making friends everywhere she went, though her siblings remained her top priority. Despite her vivacious personality, she kept her head down in times of trouble and threat to avoid attracting attention, uncomfortable with conflict.

Her family’s history, and the looming threat of Voldemort’s return, seemed distant to Arista. It wasn’t until her fifth year, when the Carrows and Snape took control of the school and she discovered that Lyra had taken the Dark Mark, that Arista gave any serious thought to the ideology of blood supremacy to which her parents subscribed. It was enough to spur Arista on to take a stand of her own. She joined Dumbledore’s Army, helping to smuggle students out of Hogwarts, and fought in the Battle of Hogwarts. She completed her education at Hogwarts trying to adjust to the war’s end, though the war seemed present no matter where she turned. Now, graduated and marked an heir to the Sacred Twenty-Eight, she’s taken a job at the Leaky Cauldron. There’s plenty of gossip shared at bars, and every rumor has a bit of truth to it—and if Alecto Carrow really has returnd, Arista’s not going to hesitate again.

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Name: Altair Selwyn
Age: 21 Occupation: Healer

“Loyalty is the most important thing someone can have, especially in our position.”

Altair Selwyn was born into competition and scandal. The only male heir to the Selwyn line, Altair was primed to someday inherit both title and riches from his father. The only thing standing between him and his inheritance was his illegitimacy of his birth. The eldest Selwyn heir was his sister, Lyra, born to her father’s legal wife, and not his mistress, as Altair had been. Regardless of the conflict surrounding the nature of their births, Altair and Lyra—and, two years later, their youngest sibling, Arista—were close, and nothing could keep the three apart until Altair and Lyra went to Hogwarts together.

At Hogwarts, Altair was almost instantly Sorted into Slytherin, where he befriended Theodore Nott, Draco Malfoy, and Blaise Zabini. While Lyra took an active role in protecting her siblings, Altair integrated himself into his surroundings, learning to listen and to keep vigilant so as to always have a way out. Charming and charismatic, Altair had his professors and his classmates in the palm of his hand, and quickly learned that the currency of Hogwarts was secrets. It wasn’t long before he had everyone who was anyone wrapped around his finger—and his easy laugh and smile made it easy for him to keep everyone around him comfortable.

Originally opposed to Lyra taking the Dark Mark on her own, he eventually conceded, recognizing that someone would need to be able to care for Arista regardless of which side won the war, though Lyra couldn’t stop him from helping her in secret any way he could. During the Battle of Hogwarts, he helped Lyra get Arista out of the castle, caring for Lyra when she was injured. His ease in making allies might have implied a future in politics, but Altair surprised everyone except his siblings in starting an internship program at St. Mungo’s after the war ended, where he proved exceptionally talented not only with his bedside manner but with his willingness to learn and adapt even in the most difficult situations. Now, singled out as an heir to the Sacred Twenty-Eight and hearing rumors from patients that point to the return of several known Death Eaters, Altair is ready to make the sacrifices his sister made years ago and to stand by his sisters, no matter what it costs him.

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Name: Lyra Selwyn
Age: 21 Occupation: Archivist

“There is nothing that matters more than your family.”

Lyra Selwyn was born in the midst of war, surrounded by battle and blood. Within months of her birth, her brother was born to her father’s mistress, causing the first of many battles—Lyra was the eldest legitimate Selwyn heir, followed two years after by her sister Arista, but Altair was the only boy. Despite this, the siblings grew up rather close, even after the end of the war when their father was arrested for his involvement in the war as a Death Eater, and they were raised together by their mothers. Lyra took her duties as eldest sibling very seriously, and whenever there was trouble, she was the first to step in and try and fix things. 

Going to Hogwarts gave Lyra just another opportunity to try and take care of her siblings. She experienced a Hatstall and practically begged to be Sorted into Slytherin with her brother, though the Hat originally wanted to place her in Ravenclaw. Soft-spoken, gentle, and bookish, Lyra did well in all her classes, preferring to spend time with a few friends rather than to interact with large groups of people. All the same, Lyra never denied anyone who needed her help, and protected her family no matter the cost. When the Second Wizarding War began, Lyra immediately stepped forward to protect her siblings, attracting whatever attention she could from the Carrows and Snape so that Altair and Arista would be left alone. 

Her family was ordered to do their part to support Voldemort, as their father had done in the last war, and it was Lyra who answered, choosing to take the Dark Mark in exchange for her siblings’ safety. She became close to the other child soldiers in Hogwarts, cutting herself off from other students. While the Battle raged she found her brother and sister, smuggling them out of the castle and into Hogsmeade, getting injured in the process. After the war’s end she found employment as an archivist in the Ministry of Magic, collecting and filing records of the war. Now, singled out as an heir to the Sacred Twenty-Eight, and with rumors of the rise of another army, Lyra is all too willing to make the same choices as before.

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Underage Smut: It IS Illegal


My affiliate as of late has been bombarded with questions concerning underage smut and I myself have covered the topic briefly in the past, but because it is apparently a very confusing issue for most people, I hope this post will put your questions to rest.

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Name: Fenrir Greyback
Age: 56 Occupation: Fugitive

“I want power, I want respect, and above all, I want blood. Everything else is negotiable.”

Fenrir Greyback was born Jonathan Gilmore, a perfectly happy, healthy baby. He grew up in a loving household, with a Muggle mother and a wizard father who adored him and, though they struggled to make ends meet, did the best they could for their son. When Jonathan got his Hogwarts letter he was thrilled at the prospect of going to school and learning to control his magic; he was Sorted into Gryffindor for his nerve and his daring, as well as his bravery. It was while serving a detention in the Forbidden Forest during his fourth year that he was bitten by a werewolf. Jonathan spent weeks in the hospital wing recovering, growing angrier and angrier. He resented the pain of the change, the necessity of the wolfsbane potion, and above all he hated Albus Dumbledore and the professors at Hogwarts for exposing him to the Forbidden Forest in the first place.

After graduation, Jonathan stopped taking the wolfsbane potion, and during one of his full moons, he encountered another werewolf. They began spending time together when they weren’t changed, and Jonathan quickly became close to other werewolves, learning to appreciate his lycanthropy as a gift rather than a curse and to hate those who had tried to suppress it. It wasn’t long before he’d shed everything about his former life, even changing his name to Fenrir Greyback after his first kill. The newly invented Fenrir quickly joined Voldemort’s cause, enjoying any excuse to take lives and wreak havoc, and developed a taste for children, biting dozens (including Remus Lupin), most of whom died. 

Fenrir managed to avoid arrest at the end of the First Wizarding War, instead going into hiding in Finland, though when he heard word of Voldemort’s return he made his way back to England, where he immediately picked up where he’d left off, even becoming a Snatcher. The Second Wizarding War left him in much the same position as the first, and he immediately returned to his old haunts in Finland, and to the pack he’d left behind, establishing himself as their leader. Fenrir has yet to meet a vice he doesn’t like, and with his hands in everything from gambling to arms deals to murder and working both magical and Muggle crime, he’s made plenty of enemies. But he’s made allies as well, and with Alecto Carrow courting him with promises of the power that Voldemort could never deliver, he’s definitely considering a final return to England.

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