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Name: Fenrir Greyback
Age: 56 Occupation: Fugitive

“I want power, I want respect, and above all, I want blood. Everything else is negotiable.”

Fenrir Greyback was born Jonathan Gilmore, a perfectly happy, healthy baby. He grew up in a loving household, with a Muggle mother and a wizard father who adored him and, though they struggled to make ends meet, did the best they could for their son. When Jonathan got his Hogwarts letter he was thrilled at the prospect of going to school and learning to control his magic; he was Sorted into Gryffindor for his nerve and his daring, as well as his bravery. It was while serving a detention in the Forbidden Forest during his fourth year that he was bitten by a werewolf. Jonathan spent weeks in the hospital wing recovering, growing angrier and angrier. He resented the pain of the change, the necessity of the wolfsbane potion, and above all he hated Albus Dumbledore and the professors at Hogwarts for exposing him to the Forbidden Forest in the first place.

After graduation, Jonathan stopped taking the wolfsbane potion, and during one of his full moons, he encountered another werewolf. They began spending time together when they weren’t changed, and Jonathan quickly became close to other werewolves, learning to appreciate his lycanthropy as a gift rather than a curse and to hate those who had tried to suppress it. It wasn’t long before he’d shed everything about his former life, even changing his name to Fenrir Greyback after his first kill. The newly invented Fenrir quickly joined Voldemort’s cause, enjoying any excuse to take lives and wreak havoc, and developed a taste for children, biting dozens (including Remus Lupin), most of whom died. 

Fenrir managed to avoid arrest at the end of the First Wizarding War, instead going into hiding in Finland, though when he heard word of Voldemort’s return he made his way back to England, where he immediately picked up where he’d left off, even becoming a Snatcher. The Second Wizarding War left him in much the same position as the first, and he immediately returned to his old haunts in Finland, and to the pack he’d left behind, establishing himself as their leader. Fenrir has yet to meet a vice he doesn’t like, and with his hands in everything from gambling to arms deals to murder and working both magical and Muggle crime, he’s made plenty of enemies. But he’s made allies as well, and with Alecto Carrow courting him with promises of the power that Voldemort could never deliver, he’s definitely considering a final return to England.

Face Claim: Mads Mikkelsen
Fenrir Greyback is open.
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Name: Alice Tolipan
Age: 18 Occupation: Investigator

“The truth is multiple choice.”

Alice Tolipan was born with a silver tongue. Even as a child attending Muggle school, Alice had a certain, uncanny gift for impersonation. Whether it was forging notes to go along with another of her stories or creating countless false identities for games of make-believe, she never told a story she couldn’t herself believe—and other people were just as convinced. Some people called her a pathological liar, but she considered it little more than a great talent for acting and storytelling. When she was eleven she received her letter from Hogwarts and for a moment it was as if one of her stories had come to life: she was, despite her bloodlines, a witch, destined to leave home and pursue greatness in a new school where she could be absolutely anything she wanted to be, and more, with a few carefully-constructed half-truths.

Alice was Sorted into Ravenclaw, where her talent for forging continued to help her. On more than one occasion Alice was known to write essays for her classmates—for a hefty fee, of course, sometimes paid in Galleons and other times in secrets—and with the promise of the best grade they’d gotten all year. She never considered it cheating so much as a business transaction, and never could see any reason not to lie and cheat when it helped her. In her third year, she joined Dumbledore’s Army, unwilling to allow Dolores Umbridge to wreak havoc in the school without a fight.

This ability especially came in handy in her fifth year when she was able to successfully hide her Muggle heritage, producing fake documentation proving wizarding history in her family which allowed her to continue studying at Hogwarts, and to join Dumbledore’s Army again. She helped provide similar forgeries for other students, smuggling out those she couldn’t help in time. Though she didn’t fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, she was considered a hero among heroes as the war wound down. Being a hero certainly has its perks—including a day job as an investigator, and the Ministry of Magic turning a blind eye to her repeated forgeries. But it doesn’t look like the war is over just yet, and Alice still has some fight left in her…

Face Claim: Sasha Pieterse
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Name: Erik Dolohov
Age: 26 Occupation: Fugitive

“All I ever wanted was to be my father’s son, and nothing will stop me from that.”

Erik Dolohov was born into war. The only child of Antonin Dolohov and his wife Oksana, Eric’s childhood was filled first with war and then with its aftermath. His father was one of Voldemort’s original Death Eaters, earning him and his family a place of privilege during the First Wizarding War, until he was arrested and tried for the murder of Fabian and Gideon Prewett. With Antonin found guilty and facing a life sentence in Azkaban, Oksana was left to raise their son alone, and she withdrew more and more with every new wave of attention focused on their family. Rather than admit the truth to her son, she told him that Antonin had died a hero in the war, and Erik grew up proud of his father’s sacrifice.

The privilege that the Dolohov family had enjoyed under Voldemort’s power was diminished, but Erik didn’t much care. He was a solitary child who kept to himself; it wasn’t until he reached Hogwarts, where he was Sorted into Gryffindor, that he learned the truth about his father. Disquieted by his mother’s lies, and eager to know the father he didn’t know he had, Erik reached out to his grandfather and the two began visiting Antonin in Azkaban behind Oksana’s back. During these visits, father and son became close, and when Voldemort rose after Erik’s graduation, Erik sought him out, hoping to free his father.

By the time Antonin escaped prison, Erik Dolohov had proven himself every inch his father’s son, with a talent for dark magic that rivaled his and a close friendship with the Carrow siblings. Erik and Antonin spent the next two years working together closely, with Erik learning from his father. They fought side-by-side at the Battle of Hogwarts, only for Antonin to be killed and Erik to be arrested, sentenced to the same as his father: life in Azkaban. Things seemed hopeless until he heard rumors that Alecto Carrow had returned, and without warning he found himself taken out of his cell in the dead of night to be traded to Alecto herself. Now, hiding out in a Welsh safehouse until he’s recovered from his time in prison, Erik is waiting to take his place again beside an old friend—and to avenge his father. 

Face Claim: Sebastian Stan
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Please follow Stella Rowle!

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I'm really interested in playing/writing for a Sebastian Stan fc, and I can't seem to find any good ones so I'm interested in this rp. How long before you think his character will be released?


I was planning to do it tonight, but I ended up with a long shift at work and I was exhausted when I got home. I’m about to turn in now, but by Wednesday at the absolute latest I’d like to have his bio up.

If you want to come off anon and drop me a message here, though, I’d be more than happy to tell you about the character and what I have planned—and get your feedback and input so that I can work with you to develop this character in a way you’d be interested in writing!

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Good morning, everyone! (And good afternoon and good evening, depending on where you are!) How’s your summer going? Is it as exciting as you’d planned?

Just in case it is, here’s what you’ve missed this time around:

And, as always, we’d love feedback and input, so shoot us a message any time! Any bios you really want to see?

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Please click here to vote for August's AU week!

With July’s AU week wrapped up, we’ve got another in the works! Please take the time to vote—shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes. You’re welcome to vote once for every character you have (and even if you’re not writing with us, we’d love your input)! Voting ends July 31!

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Name: Seamus Finnigan
Age: 20 Occupation: Dragonologist

“You’ve got to admit, though: fire is fascinating.”

Seamus Finnigan was born in Wicklow, Ireland, to a single mother. Upon learning that his wife was a witch, Seamus’ father left her, a pregnant nurse, to fend for herself. Seamus grew up close to his mother, and the two developed a trusting partnership with one another, promising to remain honest with each other no matter what. With a quick temper and a natural inclination towards fire, he was a handful of a child, though his mother encouraged his interest in everything from amateur pyrotechnics to knights battling dragons (and, in all of Seamus’ games, losing). Although his Sorting took a bit longer than that of his classmates, Seamus was a natural fit for Gryffindor.

His talents never lay in academia, though his creativity was unparalleled. Numerous failed spells, and the explosions that came with them, attracted the attention of his classmates, including the Weasley twins, who were always more than happy to invite Seamus to share with them in a prank or two. A former roommate of Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Neville Longbottom, and his closest friend, Dean Thomas, Seamus joined Dumbledore’s Army at its inception, despite his initial disbelief in Harry’s claims that Voldemort had returned. In his seventh year, under Severus Snape’s tenure as headmaster, Seamus was subject to torture and abuse from Amycus and Alecto Carrow due to his insubordination and refusal to accept their anti-Muggle rhetoric. He escaped the castle, hiding out with Aberforth Dumbledore in Hogsmeade, and returned for the final Battle of Hogwarts.

After graduation he maintained his close friendship with Dean Thomas, though he fell out of touch with many of his former friends when he was contacted by Bill Weasley and invited to join him in Romania, beginning training as a dragonologist. His return to England has been a surprisingly quiet one as Seamus splits his time between assisting at occasional Care of Magical Creatures classes and caring for the dragons at Gringotts—but he’s heard rumors, rumors of Alecto’s return and of a potential war brewing, and Seamus has never been the type to back down from a fight, especially now that he has access to some of the wizarding world’s most powerful creatures.

Face Claim: Joe Dempsie
Seamus Finnigan is open.
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Name: Lavender Brown
Age: 20 Occupation: Shopkeeper

“I’ve spent two years on the run, and now that I’m back home, I’m not going anywhere.”

Lavender Brown was born to a comfortable life. The only daughter of Michael and Jessica Brown, Lavender’s childhood was spent with her nose in a book, practically devouring any and every story she could find about princesses and dragons, adventures and magic kingdoms. She read everything she could get her hands on, and developed a love for writing, as well, casting herself as the princess and the knight both. Nothing made Lavender so happy as the idea of stepping into one of her faery tales, a wish that came true when she stepped into Hogwarts’ halls for the first time. She was Sorted into Gryffindor, and she was thrilled, developing close friendships with her Housemates, especially Parvati Patil.

In Lavender’s third year, she enrolled in Divination class, developing a close relationship with Professor Trelawney and a lifelong fascination with various forms of divination. During the next few years, she and Parvati got closer, and Lavender began to develop feelings for her friend, trying—and failing—to convince herself that they were entirely platonic. In fifth year, she joined Dumbledore’s Army, and the next year she dated Ron Weasley, trying to make sense of the feelings she had for both him and Parvati, and overcompensating with both. She returned to school for her seventh year, joining the second iteration of Dumbledore’s Army to help other students. 

During the Battle of Hogwarts, she was attacked by Fenrir Greyback; she blacked out due to the severity of her injuries and was thought dead, only to wake hours later, alone and surrounded by rubble. It was clear to her soon enough that Greyback had unintentionally made her a werewolf, and though she bore the scars on her throat from where he’d tried to kill her, she’d healed before her wounds killed her. Lavender left immediately, afraid of what she was becoming, and went into hiding in various different countries on the continent, swearing to come back when she had learned to control herself to put an end to Greyback’s terror for good. Now that she’s heard rumors that he’s returning to London, and she can control her change, she’s come back home, living in the flat above Diagon Alley’s junk shop and helping manage the shop in her free time.

Face Claim: Meagan Tandy
Lavender Brown is open.
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Name: Zacharias Smith
Age: 20 Occupation: Corporate Counsel at Zabini Industries

“I refuse to apologize for a healthy dose of skepticism.”

Zacharias Smith was born with expectations. An only child, Zacharias grew up hearing story after story of his family’s ancestor, Helga Hufflepuff. Proud and a bit snobbish, it seemed only natural to him that he should achieve greatness, given his circumstances and his family history, and much to his delight, he was Sorted into Hufflepuff, continuing his family’s legacy. It wasn’t until he’d spent some time at Hogwarts that he realized that his House was rarely taken seriously, and that his fellow badgers tended to be the butt of other Houses’ jokes more often than not. He and his Housemates got along well enough, though Zacharias made an effort to integrate himself with Slytherins, recognizing a similar pride and trying to prove himself as more than what Hufflepuff stereotypes and expectations tended to allow.

Though he was bright, his practiced apathy and nonchalance made him somewhat lazy in his schoolwork. He worked hard at what interested him, and though he tried to separate himself from his House and his family’s legacy, he made no secret of his loyalty to either—he could say whatever he pleased, but heaven help anyone else who tried to insinuate anything negative about Hufflepuff, the Smiths, or Helga Hufflepuff herself. In his fifth year, he joined Dumbledore’s Army, spurred more by a hatred for Dolores Umbridge than a belief in Harry Potter. He spent his sixth year as far from Harry Potter’s crowd as he could, and his seventh year at war.

Zacharias did not join Dumbledore’s Army its second time around, nor did he fight in the Battle of Hogwarts, earning the ire of many of his classmates but escaping with his life. He chose not to return to Hogwarts for his eighth year, instead taking an internship with Zabini Industries and discovering a talent for corporate law. After his yearlong internship was up, he took a job in Zabini Industries’ legal department, quickly developing a reputation as being highly skilled and incredibly shrewd, and drawing the attention of Pansy Parkinson. Now that rumors of another war have started to brew and tensions are high, Zacharias is faced with the same choice that he was years before: fight or survival?

Face Claim: Toby Regbo
Zacharias Smith is open.
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